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The 2021st Symposium of new young employee representatives of Toolstar group was a complete success

2021-08-14 09:20

The talent concept in the core values of Toolstar group is "talent supreme": every employee qualified for the post is an enterprise talent. We will give the highest respect and provide sufficient development platform and competitive return. Ten years of trees, a hundred years of people. Baitong group wants to be a century old enterprise. Talents are the premise and foundation for the realization of Toolstar group's corporate vision. On the afternoon of May 30, 40 young employees from various departments of Toolstar group gathered together and participated in the 2021 session of new young employee representative symposium with the theme of "listening to new voices and respecting talents". Zhou Bin, general manager of the company, Tang Huide, deputy general manager, Chen Lixin, Minister of human resources, and Sun Bo, Minister of administration attended the symposium.

The new employee representatives participating in this symposium are mainly composed of college students and front-line young employees with excellent performance in various departments. The purpose of the symposium is to build a platform for direct communication between the top leaders and excellent young employees, listen to their voices, understand their status, listen to their opinions and solve their problems.

The meeting began in a relaxed atmosphere. Delegates first made brief self introductions in turn. Some of the delegates from all over the world were concise and comprehensive to the extreme, while others were eloquent. Some made people smile knowingly, and some made people nod frequently. The different personalities shown by the youth delegates gave senior leaders a more intuitive understanding.

Then, Chen Lixin, Minister of human resources, shared his thoughts and experiences with the representatives of young employees since their entry into the office, called on everyone to be diligent and dedicated, explore and innovate, and wished the new employees to make achievements in the fertile land of Toolstar.

During the leadership message, general manager Zhou Bin briefly reviewed the company's development process, expressed the company's desire for talents, comprehensively expounded the company's vision and goal of becoming a leading enterprise in the diamond tool industry, and put forward two hopes for the majority of new employees: first, seriously study rules and regulations and quickly integrate into the corporate culture. Second, level your mind and be more understanding and inclusive. And asked the old employees to give more care and help to the new employees. Mr.Zhou said: work is a practice. Only by being down-to-earth, unremitting and never giving up can we make achievements. The future of the company is bright. I hope to create brilliance together with people who agree with the corporate culture and achieve a win-win situation for the enterprise and employees. It is hoped that the majority of new recruits can live and work in peace and contentment in the company, realize their own life value and make contributions on the company's platform.

Then comes the main part of the Symposium - opinions and suggestions. In addition to filling in the satisfaction questionnaire on site, employee representatives have put forward demands to the company on accommodation, catering, labor insurance, vacation and other aspects.

Finally, Tang Huide, the deputy general manager, issued an initiative to all representatives, calling on everyone to actively move closer to the party organization, actively participate in various public welfare activities organized by the company, and actively join various interest groups such as yoga, basketball and Toolstar academy Sinology class, so as to enrich their spare time life and live and work in the company. I hope you will closely rely on the good situation of enterprise development, have high aspirations and down-to-earth work for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, write a chapter in the development journey of the company and show your youthful style.

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