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The third quarter seminar meeting of the "Refinement • Endless" company was successfully held

2021-10-25 16:34

From October 22 to October 24, the third quarter discussion meeting of the company was successfully held in Hilton Hotel. The theme of the meeting was "refinement • endless". All middle-level and above management cadres of the company attended the meeting. The main agenda of the meeting is divided into three parts, including the management salon meeting, the third quarter performance summary meeting, the fourth quarter performance plan meeting and the 2022 annual business plan discussion meeting.

The management salon meeting, also known as the "naked heart meeting", all middle-level and above management cadres talked freely about the biggest gains in the company and the biggest difficulties and challenges faced at present, and offered suggestions on the company's management from the three aspects of management, marketing and production technology. The on-site speeches were enthusiastic and the on-site atmosphere was relaxed and happy, Collected many problems and improvement suggestions faced by the company in its development.

At the third quarter performance summary and the fourth quarter performance plan meeting, each department reported in detail the completion of the main indicators in the third quarter and described the main performance plan in the fourth quarter. As of the third quarter, in the face of multiple pressures such as the epidemic, government power restriction and the rise of bulk raw materials, the company's sales have doubled, the amount of payment collection has also increased significantly compared with last year, and major management and operation indicators have made great breakthroughs.

At the 2022 business plan discussion meeting, the domestic and international marketing departments put forward the sales collection target for 2022, as well as the possible challenges and resource support according to the actual sales collection in 2021. The R & D department and the financial department fully discussed the target and existing problems, and the production department put forward the resource allocation demand from the aspects of man-machine material method, etc, Finally, the company's marketing plan for 2022 is formed. For enterprise management, the plan of the year lies in autumn. Make the layout in advance so that you won't be in a hurry in the coming year.

The meeting summarized the achievements and shortcomings of the company in the first three quarters, pointed out the direction for the development of the company in 2022, unified the thoughts of management cadres, and everyone will work together to open an innovative chapter for the development of the company.

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