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Toolstar group 2021 autumn Olympic Games and "7S" Cup Table Tennis Competition

2021-12-02 09:36


In the midsummer of frogs chirping and insects chirping and the scorching sun, the toolstar group launched the "7S" cup table tennis competition.
At the beginning of autumn when Osmanthus fragrans are fragrant and the sun is warm, toolstar group launched the annual autumn Olympic Games.
In the early winter of shivering and cold wind, we finally ended this "protracted" activity.
The ups and downs of COVID-19 bring many uncertainties to our production and life. But what we can be sure of is that the spirit of working hard, enterprising and striving for the top has never changed. Now, follow our camera and feel the wonderful of toolstar people together.





▲  Lucky balloon





▲  Hurricane caterpillar





▲  Four people and five feet

▲  Rope skipping

▲  Tug-of-war


▲  Basketball

▲  Table Tennis

There are several characteristics of the 2021 autumn Olympic Games. The first is the large number of participants, with 664 people participating. The second is all collective events, including four people and five feet, hurricane caterpillars, lucky balloons, rope jumping, tug of war and basketball. The third is the long competition cycle, which lasted 22 days from October 18 to November 11. The "7S" cup table tennis competition in 2021 is even more special. A total of 180 people signed up for the competition. It has gone through departmental trials, company knockouts and the final finals. The competition lasted nearly four months from July 20 to November 15.

The competition adheres to the Olympic spirit of "higher, faster, stronger and more united", and focuses on the newly added "more united" team spirit. All teams have achieved their level and style. The company has offered more than 30000 yuan for reward, and all teams have gained in their own advantageous projects.

Under the organization of the trade union, all departments fully cooperated and achieved a complete success. It adds color to employees' life, enhances the friendship between colleagues and shortens the distance between departments.




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