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Toolstar Party branch / trade union carries out the theme activity of "warm winter sun love action"

2021-12-03 09:00

December 3, today is world disabled day。

Only a mother is good in the world, and a child without a mother is like a grass. This is the lyrics of the children's song "only a mother is good in the world". You may not feel much at ordinary times, but you may have a deeper feeling when you face a child living in Ningxiang hengai disabled care service center.
Ningxiang hengai disabled care service center is a private care institution with more than 20 abandoned children and disabled people for various reasons. Some of them are born blind, some have cerebral palsy and can't stand, some have more chromosomes and low IQ. Every orphan, disabled and mentally retarded child is a broken wing angel. Compared with children born in happy families, they need more attention and care.
Toolstar became attached to hengai in 2020. The situation of the children has greatly shocked and impacted the members of the Party branch and the trade union. They feel deeply the value of a happy life and are eager to do something more for these children.

▲ activity of "caring for the disabled and offering love to all rivers" in 2020

On November 8, 2021, the toolstar Party branch, toolstar trade union and the administration department jointly issued an initiative to donate money to disabled children, which was positively responded by all employees of Baichuan, Toolstar and Wontech. Many employees donated clothes that children can't wear at home to show their intention. On November 27, the sun was warm. Some party members and company volunteers of toolstar Party branch and trade union organization went to hengai care center with everyone's love to visit this group of special children.

▲ activity of "warm sun in winter, love action" in 2021

▲ activity site

The arrival of toolstar was warmly welcomed by the children. Every child is like a happy deer, watching around curiously. When he heard that he was going to perform, he immediately moved to a small stool and sat in a row. He is very clever. At the scene, the volunteers shared milk with the children, performed programs for the children, helped the nursing center clean up, and then fulfilled the donation procedures. Seeing the children's happy smiles, everyone felt that this half day's company was very worthwhile.

Toolstar has always had a tradition of giving love. It once established a love foundation to help employees with family difficulties. Every year, it will also participate in the targeted poverty alleviation work advocated by the government and extend a helping hand to poor households. Give people roses with lingering fragrance. For charity, toolstar has been on the road.

Once again, thank all toolstar employees for their love!

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